Board of Directors

Yolanda Johnson Bailey

Yolanda’s personal history fuels her passion for helping and building up others. She has hands-on experience in the non-profit arena and she utilizes a myriad of lifelong professional and personal skills to support the mission of Faith Eyes Inc. For more information about Yolanda, you may visit her website at

Cheylon Brown

Cheylon’s love for pouring into the lives of people makes her a perfect fit for Faith Eyes Inc. She is a bible teacher, dynamic speaker, spiritual advisor, and prayer intercessor, with two decades of experience in multi-cultural diversity and community involvement.

Carolyn Hicks


Carolyn is a free-spirited and fun-loving soul, possessing a natural ability to relate and connect with women (young and old) and single moms. Carolyn currently teaches and advises women on a regular basis and she aspires to help the female population on a more professional level in the future.   

Anna Tucker

Anna is a true supporter of women. She is passionate about using her knowledge, wisdom, and circle of influence, to encourage and help other women reach their goals. Anna is excited about using her skills from the banking industry, to assist Faith Eyes Inc. with financial recordkeeping.